October 5, 2014

A new virtual Romanian squad

We're intending to start a new virtual Romanian squad very soon, that could gather all the Romanian players scattered all over different foreign squads. We're already 5 Romanian guys, playing every day at 19:30 (Bucharest time), on HyperLobby (coop mission), different campaigns on the Eastern Front. For the moment, we use Skype for comms, since Teamspeak has some conflicts with Saitek joystick profiles. We found Skype comms to work better than Steam comms, even if, for the moment, there is no dedicated push-to-talk system on Skype. But we have improvised something. We're playing with the 4.12.2 version of IL-2 Sturmovik 1946.
Foreign dedicated players who like to play missions on the Eastern Front are also welcome.
For contact, please feel free to add my to your contacts. A short description of your intentions for joining our squad would be appreciated.

Skype: beta4good1
Steam: nextpc13

P.S. (added a few days later) You can also  register on our forum at:

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